Care Guide: Lammy Coats and Waistcoats

by Isabelle Freije on November 20, 2021
Sheepskin leather is precious and durable, therefore, it is important to properly maintain your lammy coat. Read our tips and tricks for long-lasting enjoyment of your lammy coat!

Always treat a lammy coat with an impregnation spray before wearing (this can be the same spray that you use to treat leather jackets or suede shoes).
You can remove small stains yourself. Keep in mind that the cleaning of a lammy can affect the leather and colour. We do not recommend to not self-steam, use a washer or dryer, or bring the lammy to a dry cleaner as it can create permanent spots on the coat.

Grease Stains
As chalk absorbs fats, grease stains can be treated by using chalk. When a stain occurs, use blackboard chalk in the same colour as your jacket. Just sprinkle the chalk on the stain, wait a few minutes and gently brush the chalk off the coat. Repeat this process until the stain goes away.

Wet Stains
A lammy coat can get wet, but it is best to avoid it. Treat a lammy coat preventively against rain and dirt every year by spraying the lammy coat with an impregnation spray. If the lammy coat has become wet in heavy rain, let the lammy dry on a wide hanger in a ventilated room. Try to avoid hanging the coat close to a heater and do not store it in plastic or in a full and warm wardrobe.

Other Stains
If the jacket has a suede finish, you can remove a stain with adhesive tape. Simply place a piece of tape on the stain and gently peel off, pulling the dirt away along with the tape. It is important to not rub the stain as it will be rubbed into the jacket.

If your garment has large stains or is made of fragile shearling leather, it is better to have it cleaned by a good leather cleaning specialist to avoid damaging the leather. For durability and best results, have a suede item cleaned by a good leather cleaning specialist. Finally, you should occasionally hang the coat outside the closet to allow the leather to air out.